GRAN BRETAÑA - Directorio y Guía de los Mejores Colegios Privados y Universidades

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Este es uno de los mejores colegios de Bogotá, recomendado por el Directorio de Colegios y Jardines

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Solicitud de Mayor Información Sobre el Colegio GRAN BRETAÑA

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Colegio Gran Bretaña is founded upon the values of a truly international school community.  We work collaboratively to provide a holistic, inclusive and academically challenging educational experience through the medium of English.
At CGB we inspire and prepare our learners for an evolving world.  Eight essential, and equally important, Foundation Blocks support the day-to-day life of our school and foster intellectually prepared students who discover and embrace the ideals of global citizenship.  Through empathy, and progressive teaching and learning we empower everyone to act on their beliefs, thereby cultivating independent thinkers who are able to meet the demands of the twenty-first century.

Our Enduring Goals
  • To offer a constantly evolving and dynamic curriculum that challenges, excites and prepares.
  • To care about our learners as individuals, ensuring that everyone is included with opportunities to succeed and lead.
  • To offer a rich curricular experience in Spanish language and Colombian cultural studies, thus facilitating an appreciation and affinity for the host country.
  • To provide a safe learning environment in which the values of respect, acceptance and open-mindedness are honoured.

By 2018 CGB is recognised as a leading educational force in Latin America. It is a unique, internationally minded community which supports learners as they strive for excellence and independence, promoting life-long learning in an evolving world. Whilst maintaining its unity and family-orientated values CGB will embrace the latest in technology and learning theory, ensuring a holistic, and progressive school culture that nurtures socially responsible, environmentally minded and respectful students and global citizens, combining high academic expectations and a commitment to the community. Through a stimulating, flexible, and holistic curriculum, CGB offers an inclusive, balanced and personalised approach to learning, providing opportunities of achievement to learners with different talents, needs and learning styles within a positive learning environment.